So I’m stretching for Kettlebells class this morning and I turned to my BFF Zareen and was like, O-M-G I don’t have a post up today.  I’ve literally been failing on getting my morning posts up here because as I’ve been saying lately, I’m too busy doing social media stuff to blog.  Ironic, right?  I always find that funny: the Mom blogger who is too busy with her blog business to blog.

What’s up:

Colleen and I are in the midst of planning our second fabulous Mom Mixer event here in Philadelphia.  We have tons of amazing brands coming to the city of brotherly love to meet some of our local Mom bloggers & social media types. (If you want an invite, let me know!)  Plus, just working on various campaigns has kept me busy.

I’m also trying to make some small design changes to the site (hence the funky looking half-head on my header right now – not that anyone actually noticed?) so that’s also on my plate.

I miss blogging though.  While I was jumping up and down & trying not to fall over in Kettlebells, I decided I would come home and blog.  Not check my email (I haven’t yet, although I’m burning to!) and just say hello and get a post up.  So here I am.

Oh! I’m also excited to share that I registered for Broad Street Run – a 10 mile race that is like the mecca of all runners here in the Philadelphia area.  It’s actually a lottery registration system; the run is in such demand, they can’t let everyone in.  I do hope to get in.  I’m training like I’m in and we’ll see how it goes.  I’m also scared out of my mind to run it but I wanted a running  goal and figured 10 miles was as good as any!

I also got fitted for a new pair of running shoes today – I ended up with a pair of Brooks:

brooksrunningshoes I’ve been running on Nike’s for years and years and while the guy at the store told me the Nikes I had were decent (although needed replacing as I had been running on them for a year), he also recommended these Brooks. I thought I’d try something new!  Aren’t they fun?

Anyway, so that’s it.  Working, working out, carpooling my kids.  All taking their toll on blogging but I’m putting my foot down and proclaiming I’m going to get back to blogging more – or trying to – because I love doing that too and it’s definitely been low on the totem pole of priorities lately!


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