If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve added a little Amazon book widget to Mommies with Style. I love to read. This is probably the time in my life where I find I have the least amount of time to do so, but I always try and keep a book or two going at once. At one time in my life I was reading several books a week. Julie’s also an avid reader, as are some of our other writers.
Always curious what others are reading, and in search of my next book, I’ve added this book widget so we can share with you what we’re reading and our thoughts. If you haven’t yet seen it, you can scroll down and it’s on the left hand nav bar below our category list. It’s kind of neat to see – all of Ciaran’s books lately have surrounded naming her new baby (or knitting, hey, gotta do something while you’re stuck on bedrest, right?) and some of us have been reading Skinny Bitch and some other health/food related books.
Come visit our Message Boards – join if you haven’t yet – and chat with us in the Cooking & Books section about your latest read. I’d like to feature not just our writers on our book widget but our readers too! So post or drop us a line if you’re reading something good you want all to see!

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