I always hate when a winner doesn’t respond to an email that they’ve won a prize.  It means more work for me – I have to follow up several times, wait to hear, select a second winner if that first person doesn’t respond.  In addition, I feel badly for the person who used either a bogus email address or didn’t check their email — only to check weeks later and find out they missed out on a great prize.  (How frustrating would that be!)

Bottom line, please check your email, readers!  If you’re going to enter to win an awesome giveaway, like this one I just hosted to win an HP Netbook and Camcorder, please be checking the inbox of the email address you entered with. 

I’ve selected a winner and the deadline is closing for her to respond.   So for those of you who have been emailing in asking about the winner – I don’t have the info yet!  If our first winner doesn’t respond, we’ll be notifying a second person later tonight that they are the winner.


  1. That is why I check everyday 🙂 never know what fun awaits you!!!

  2. I’ve been checking, but just went through my bulk mail too to be on the safe side. No such luck, but maybe I’ll get another chance if the first person doesn’t respond 😉

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