This latest shipment from Trunk Club is the third box I’ve received from them. You can see what was in my first box (April 2016) here and my second box (Sept 2016) here.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Trunk Club is an online personal shopping service. They’re somehow associated with Nordstrom; at least all of the clothes I get from them are Nordstrom pieces as you’ll see below.

With Trunk Club, you pay a $25 stylist fee to have a stylist pick items out for you. She does so based on your feedback – you can tell her what you’re looking for, what you like and don’t like. The more detailed you are, the better! For my latest box, I mentioned to my stylist Kelsey that I would be going to Florida next month so she sent me a couple of pieces I could potentially use there.

And if you keep anything in your box, the $25 fee is deducted from your cost of the clothes. So it’s basically free unless you don’t like anything in your box and then you’re out that $25. Oh — and I should mention too — you get a sneak preview of the box that’s coming your way before they send it along. And you can reject pieces before they even come. So if you see something you just know you won’t like or already have, no need to have them sent along.

I try and not reject too many things though; one of the reasons I like doing Trunk Club is that I hope to get outside of my comfort zone when it comes to the normal clothes I buy when I shop for myself!

So here’s what I got in this latest box:


Chelsea 28 Print Stretch Midi Dress– this one was obviously for Florida and I loved the idea of it because it’s one I wouldn’t have normally gotten for myself but it was too tight in my hips and butt. Dang! I felt a little J. Lo in the butt and I also couldn’t walk very well in it so it’s going to to back. The top’s a little loose so I know a bigger size wouldn’t work.


Felicity & Coco Jersey Shift Dress – This one is a perfect example of why I love Trunk Club! I would never pull this off the rack in-store, let alone try it on. It’s totally not something that I would think would work but I loved it once on. I love the color and I love the fun sleeves!

Also, I’m wearing the Marc Fisher LTD Annie Perforated Espadrille Wedge which are so fun.


Topshop Izzy Cold Shoulder Top – I have wanted an open shoulder blouse for so long! Unfortunately this one isn’t it for me but it’s cute. Maybe for a younger version of me. What do you guys think?


Trouve Corrugated Stitch Pullover – I liked this one a lot and it comes in a bunch of colors! I already have a ton of white sweaters so I’ll be sending it back but it’s lovely.


Pleione Lace Inset Sleeve Blouse – What do you guys think of this one? The sleeves are kind of fun!


Vince Camuto Seam Sweater – this one doesn’t have a good review on Nordstrom but I like it! It’s a comfy winter top & I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep it.


Treasure & Bond Skivvy Stripe Sweater – I thought this one was a little slenderizing?!

IMG_2661 free people Electric City Pullover –It’s VERY comfortable and cute! I’m debating on this being a keep piece. It runs a little short for current styles so it definitely would need to be layered somehow if I keep it.

That’s it for today’s box! I have a lot of fun unboxing these (and spending money on them, of course!) If you’re interested in checking outTrunk Club, go through my link there – it’ll take you to sign up with my stylist Kelsey, she’s great!


  1. I absolutely love the fist dress. You look incredible!!!

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