child-safety-kit-sm You know, not all baby gifts are sunshine, roses, butterflies and balloons. Or even teddy bears. In fact, sent me a sample of their Child Safety kit and, upon really looking at it, I’m thinking it may be one of the greatest holiday or baby gifts one can receive. Because, really, with the holidays rolling around I can tell you we don’t need another teddy bear, baby blanket or burp cloth or bottle. But what we do need is to make our home safe for our oh-so-curious (and very rapidly growing) 4 month old.

The kit, which retails for less than $60, includes over 100 safety items. Items that keep your child safe from electrical and common household danger. In just the one kit you’ll receive outlet covers, cable tubes (which keep the wires inside and hidden away), drawer locks, corner cushions (for tables and, in the the case of my home, hearths), and much more. There are so many safety things to think about, this set makes the thinking a little easier, because so much is provided for you.

So, while the parents still have to do the work of making the house safe, what a big help a safety gift really is. (Come to think of it, it’s probably a pretty good idea to send this set to the grandparent’s houses, too. Just a sly little reminder that everyone needs to safety proof!)


  1. I have learned where to meet if we have a fire. I also learned the ways out of our house. I think it helped my family, too

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