Most days, I’m so busy making sure that I’ve packed all of the essentials for my kids in my bag, that I often forget about me. And when I do remember, I usually decide not to pack whatever I think I need simply on the fact that I want to save space. I’ll be out and about and I’ll be thirsty, or cold or whatever, but hey, a Mom has to make sacrifices, right?
I know many of you guys are the same – which is why I appreciated this product, Chilly Jilly. It’s called the “wrap in a bag.” Basically it’s a small wrap that comes all compact in a drawstring bag – easy for storage and tucking away in a small pocket in your purse. I love that you can make of it what you want too – it can be a wrap, a scarf or a skirt. Multi-functional, cute and tiny – three attributes you have to love in a product.
The price is nice too – $30 for the wrap and bag. Even better, use coupon code mws to receive 20% off your order. Note: for a limited time they are also offering a polka dot box with bow for gift-giving.

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