forgiveness_photo.jpgAdmittedly, I love chocolate. So that makes this time of year especially challenging for me. You see Iíve just come off my chocolate high. Thatís right, the month of December was a month long feast of the good stuff. Little chocolate candy gifts flowed from boxes. Rich gooey dark chocolate found its rightful place in yummy cookie dough. And oh, how delicious those mochas and hot cocoas sprinkled with snowy fresh marshmallows were.
Sigh. Itís all over now. January is here fraught with resolutions. ďMust eat healthier.Ē ďMust incorporate more fiber into my diet.Ē Blah, blah, blah.
But waitóa Fine Belgian Dark chocolate bar thatís rich in fiber, has three minerals and is GMO free? New Tree chocolates share my passion for the nectar of the gods. And theyíve taken it one step forward and infused the good stuff with things that are good for you. Take their Forgiveness bar. Itís dark chocolate with a hint of lemon and a kick of fiber. Fiber is known to reduce the intake of fats. So according to my logic, this chocolate bar is now elevated to health food. Yum!
And letís not stop there. With other chocolate bars like Pleasure, Vigor and Sexy on the menu, Iím sure youíll find something to tempt any palate (or mood?). And for those who prefer the lighter stuff, check out their assortment of milk chocolate delights.
MmmmÖhealthy, guilt-free chocolate? Now thatís a resolution I can stick to!

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