For whatever reason, this year’s the year of Whitney the Grinch. I just can’t handle it all this year – the crowds, the boxes that keep coming into my house, the mass amounts of stuff that my children are about to get that really have no place or space in my house.

I don’t know what it is but I’m trying hard to tone it down with the kids and their presents.

I took today to get rid of boxes and plastic and try and just stack everything for each boy in a pile. God forbid one child get more than the other (because they WOULD absolutely notice.)


This is only one picture of the boxes I’m recycling.  Insanity, right?  (And can you tell I love Amazon?)

I will say this.  It’s definitely less this year than last.  I refuse to fall into the trap of going insane for them for the next decade plus.  While I want them to have that magical morning as I did growing up, I fear serious toy gluttony.

Bah humbug?  I know, I know.  I run a shopping blog and I love to shop.  What did I expect?  Who wants to feed me a cookie, a glass of wine and come over and help me recycle and organize all the boxes?


  1. Jennifer Ludt says

    Dudette – why so much stuff?

    My kids each are getting 5 things. And then there are 5 joint gifts like games.

    Take back stuff….you can do it!!!

    • Eh well my real prob is the Nov/Dec birthday thing. I think I overbuy b/c I buy thinking “well I will use this for one or the other” then end up using only half what I think I will for the bdays. It really looks worse than it is. Today was bad b/c I spent most of the day organizing. And we still have boxes out from Nate’s birthday…. UGH

  2. Yeah…I forgot about the bdays. And that was a big party. God bless ya! Bring stuff to OBX though….ha ha at least I can take advantage of your overbuying. 🙂

  3. Doree used to feel blessed to get an orange in her stocking at Christmas. Times have changed,. Perhaps we can return to the good old( and i mean a few generations back type old days) when life was ‘simpler’ in many ways(in some ways not of course).. .

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