Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.13.15 AM I’m no where near this organized usually but with today being Amazon Prime Day and all.the.sales, I actually just purchased my first birthday or Christmas present for Cole. We’ve been sharing my Paperwhite the last few weeks and he recently discovered the awesomeness of reading on an e-reader. Just yesterday he stole my Paperwhite (right when I was at a good part in my book!) so he could continue reading one of his summer reading list books. (How could I say no to that?)

I desperately need him to have his own Paperwhite like his brother but have no reason to give him one… but I couldn’t resist today’s deal, $30 off the normal price! We’ll see if I can hold off until his birthday (November) or Christmas to give it to him.

What are you buying today? See the Echo (50% off!) and the Fire ($30, total?! It’s like the cheapest tablet ever!) are also on mega sale so far today.

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