If there is one thing I love about this time of year it is all the Top Ten Lists. I’m a sucker for lists any time of the year but even more so as the clock is ticking the minutes down to the New Year.
I’d like to share with you some of my favorite products that were reviewed in 2006. Some were from my own reviews, some from others. All are things I wouldn’t want to live without now that I have found them. It was certainly hard choosing just ten, as there were just so many wonderful things that came to mind. But here they are, in reverse order, because I’ve always relished a little suspense.

10. Design-her-Gals I do believe that 2006 was the year of Design-her-Gals, as not one of my friends was without her own custom digital paperdoll vision of herself. I made calling cards and business cards. And spent countless hours “trying on” assorted outfits and accessories. It was almost therapeutic. A friend of mine commented that it was easier to give herself a makeover on her card than in real life. Which is exactly why I love it. Click for original post.
bothTH.jpg9. Spoonfed Art Pendants These pieces are just so unique and original. My pendant draws comment whenever and wherever I wear it. People are mesmerized by these, including me. Click for original post.
8. Sweetness Products Pouch This is my maternity gift of choice for a pregnant friend. I love that it is a maternity sash to support the mom AND a sling for baby. The lavender pillow, the gorgeous silk, it’s the perfect package. Truly Sweet. Click for original post.
7. Knock Knock Stationary Because they make me laugh till I cry. It is so reassuring to find I am not the only one out there with a slightly warped sense of humor. And the fact that their products are also useful, is just frosting. One of my New Years Resolutions is to stock up on all their multiple choice thank you notes. And use them! Click for original post.
yhst-11823213985946_1929_12315014.gif6. Automoblox What Design-Her-Gals were to us in 2006, Automoblox were to our kids. These cars reinvent themselves in a million different combinations and are sure to inspire hours of fun play. We started out with two and our collection is growing. They’re so sturdy and well made they are sure to last for years. Click for original post.
5. My Little Ducks. Speaking of Automoblox, and great toys and cool clothing dedicated just to our sons (plus the occasionally mommy bag). My Little Ducks has been my online store of choice this year. When I was sick as a dog before Christmas and needed wrapped gifts in a jiff, My Litlle Ducks delivered. Several reviews over the past year have linked to products carried by My Little Ducks and that is no surprise. It’s just the kind of go-to shop that makes virtual shopping as personal as the store in my own hometown.
4. Baby Blessings Kit by Two Plums Paper Goods. I love this heartfelt kit that helps us share the love for moms and their newborn babies. It’s such a genuine way to connect and share with your friends. And its pretty! And it smells just great too. I’d love to see this kit at every shower I attend in the new year. Click for original post
blanketpagelabelphoto.jpg 3. Luna Lou Blankets. It’s the organic cottony texture that is just bursting with goodness. This is the blanket I find myself wanting to steal from my son. Thick but not too thick, warm but not too warm. Comes in Cupcake and Owl and we love them both.Click here for origninal post.
2. Toddler Treads. I had to include these pretty high up in the count because without them, we would never leave home. My son still, after a year of Toddle Treads wearing, refuses to wear any other shoe. It works for me because Toddler Treads are so hip looking and wear so beautifully. Click here for original post.
notrational.jpg1. Not Rational Fab/ Baby Bag. It’s hard to describe my love for these bags without sounding like a crazy lady. But if I could pack up and move into a Not Rational bag, I would. This bag is like a faithful friend, always the right size, always the right shape and always slightly mysterious and luxurious. It wards off the frumpies on the most sleepless of days, and soothes and comforts at all times. It is my mommy wooby. People sometimes question my sanity when I review expensive leather diaper bags. Would I truly spend my own hard earned money on such a thing? Well I would, and I have, and I would do it again. This is so much more than a bag for diapers. Its a bag for me! My Not Rational Fab bag is my favorite item reviewed AND purchased for 2006. Click for original post.
Happy New Year to you all – and thanks so much for reading. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all in 2007.

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