They say your first Cirque is always your favorite. Well, I loved my first so much that I’m encouraged that even if my future Cirque’s aren’t quite the same, they’ll still be wonderful. But its true. I don’t know how another show could top my first.

You’ll recall that back in January my family vacationed at Disney World. We did the whole family thing almost every night. But the Huz and I also recognized the need to get away during our vacation. We were fortunate, my parents met us in Orlando for a few nights and gave us a night off so that we could play. (Actually, we had 2 nights out, but that will be a separate post.)

Most date nights, the Huz and I end up at a favorite sushi place or seeing a movie or driving around trying to figure out something really fun to do… and then end up back at the sushi place. But in Disney its all about celebrating, right? So we took the Disney buses over to Downtown Disney for our very first Cirque du Soliel show: La Nouba.

La Nouba is a static show. Whether you are there next week or in 4 years, expect it to be there. Deep inside Disney’s West Side, at the very end of this party land, is an enormous, modern theater. Enter, and you’ll be able to purchase drinks and snacks, and then find your seats in the nearly round theater. (By-the-way, definitely reserve your seats in advance. We visited during way-off-season and the theater was packed.) The theater is almost round and its tight, offering an amazing feeling of being right there in the story. There is no orchestra pit, no space between the audience and the stage. If you are in the front row, you are practically on stage. (While I doubt there’s a bad seat in the house, we sat in section 204 which was completely center, on the second level. I can’t imagine better seats than ours!)

For Cirque-virgins, like me and the Huz, the show is a mix of amazing acrobatics, music, gymnastics and dance. Choreographers somehow mixed these up into a phenomenal show unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We sat for over an hour and a half, barely moving, just watching. There was a story, but the only words were a few in French (I don’t speak French); the story was told through the movement and music on stage. The performance was moving and entertaining, no matter your language. Its Disney, right? So there were people from all over the world. About 2 rows behind me was a German couple and a few seats over were guests from somewhere in Asia. We all were emersed in the performance.

The talented performers were a mix of young and old.  A few of the fascinating acrobatics included bike stunts, tightrope, ropes dance, juggling and so. so. so. much more. And, while I don’t want to spoil this too much for you, some of the talent was really, really young. The children in the show were a highlight for me. I just couldn’t fathom kids (who looked to be about ages 5-11) having the amount of focus and drive that these children have. It was like one surprise after another.

Of course, what’s a cirq-us without clowns? This show had comedy balanced by drama and all balanced, literally, by fantastic stunts and feats. There was always something going on, always a few things to watch.

T he program says La Nouba is appropriate for all ages, and children won’t be disappointed due to awe and excitement in the action. But it was a great night for a date night for us and if you can swing it, I definitely recommend you get a sitter and go.  

Following the show, my husband and I walked the West Side and ended up at Wolfgang Puck’s, what else?, Sushi Bar. Which was possibly the best sushi we’ve had, ever. I asked him about the show: “That is something I would say, pooh, too much money. But having now seen the show, I’m not even hesitant to go again. I will definitely go again and spend the money [on LaNouba].”

Thank you to Cirque du Soliel La Nouba for providing press tickets for this amazing experience.


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