Here’s an inexpensive and very useful item for your kitchen. Slap a Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, in bold black and white onto your magnetic dishwasher and lessen the chance of a cup of milk being flipped into the dishwasher, leaving drops all over your otherwise just cleaned dishes. The magnet made by Take Home Tips, which measures about 4 inches wide, is double sided and flips from clean to dirty–no more spinning accidentally leaving a question as to which side was up. Priced at only $4, its a steal and an obvious stocking stuffer to stuff into your own stocking this December.
And here’s something for your kids’ stockings: Take Home Tips also make AlphaMagnets. At one and a half inches diameter, the magnets stay flush to your fridge (or other magnetic surface). Kids can use the letters to spell names and learn letters. Or use your child’s initial to stick up a favorite picture. Sold locally to the Philadelphia area in many boutiques, you can purchase letters individually. Or you can get a set of 27 magnets for only $7.95 online. We’ve heard they’re becoming quite the popular tween-must-have, as Alphamagnets are arriving on middle school lockers far and wide, some even blinged out with decor.

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