ritzyseat Planning a road trip this summer? Dreading the spilled drinks, mashed crackers and mess in the backseat? It’s not easy getting kids in and out of the car on a daily basis and keeping everything clean, let alone cute. Roadtrips are an invitation to let the usual rules relax (sure, have a cookie back there – but only on this trip!).

Two products from Itzy Ritzy are your car’s dream come true. I’ve always admired Itzy Ritzy’s gorgeous carseat covers that come in a wide array of fashionable fabrics. They make a utilitarian car interior look smashingly fashionable. From a practical standpoint they are also the best. Let’s face it: blow outs and spills happen. It’s nice to protect your carseat investment with a cover that is easily removed and washed. I’m also able to admit that I am ocd enough to really groove on the idea of having my kids carseat fabrics (infant and toddler seats) match each other. I like matchy accessories!

wethappened Itzy Ritzy has taken car travel ease one step further with their partnership with Wet Happened. These attractive bags (also in fashionable fabrics) contain soiled clothing and can be tossed right in the wash with the clothes so that you have less mess in your life. More fashion, less mess… I can only say “Thanks Itzy Ritzy! From the bottom of my neatnik heart!”


  1. Clean up & Travel in Style with Itzy Ritzy, Wet Happened, and Milk Snob! 😍✨ These three brands make parenting and on-the-go adventures a breeze. Whether you need stylish diaper bags, waterproof bags for messy accidents, or versatile nursing covers, this trio has got you covered. Traveling with little ones has never looked so good!

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