Until we got a Clek, I never really believed that carseats could be fun. They were always a necessary evil, something that we invested in because we were responsible parents. Our kids sat in them begrudgingly, for the most part. But only after we spent half an afternoon cursing and moaning as we attempted to properly install them.

And then there was the Clek Olli. It’s a backless booster, meant to be used with older children, between 40-100lbs and 40-57 inches. They must be able to sit properly with a lap positioning belt to use it safely. What sets Clek apart from other boosters is that is latches. Easily. Click Click. You may wonder why that is necessary, but slam on the brakes or take a sharp left and see what happens to other boosters. They slip and slide and can actually pose a threat to the person seated in them or beside them if they accidentally trigger the release of the lap positioning belt. Or they can become an airborne missile inside your car. Not good. Recent studies on booster seat safety have only highlighted the importance of purchasing a seat that does not shift, thus ensuring that the best stays positioned where it is supposed to be.

The Clek Olli is narrow enough to let other passengers sit in the back seat with the kids, but wide enough not to pinch anyone’s bottom.

And finally – not to be forgotten, they are fashionable. They look cool. Our Clek is zebra print and looks just amazing with our black leather car interior. Like we tricked out our vehicle with custom kiddie seats. We keep an extra one installed "Just in Case" knowing full well that the kids will end up fighting over who gets to sit in the extra carseat. Which is a lot better than having them fight over riding in a carseat to begin with.

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