You’ve mastered the basics now. Are you ready to step off the ledge and leap into the world of cloth diapers? Want to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible? Before you make the leap, I have a few more suggestions for you. The following accessories will make your experience all the more enjoyable.
First of all, if you have decided to give the flatfolds and prefolds a go, you will want to check out Snappis. These clever little rubber and plastic grippers keep a diaper on your squirmy tot without the use of a pointy pin. They are fun to use and come in a rainbow of colors almost like barrettes for your hair.
When you change what you use to diaper, you will probably want to change the way you do changes. Think about how you change a disposable diaper… you shove the wipe into the dirty dipe and throw away the whole thing, right? This habit is hard to break, but shove a disposable wipe into a cloth diaper and you may end up with a fuzzy linty laundry “issue”. The solution? Switch to cloth washcloths. You’re already washing diapers, so what if there is a washcloth in there too? Several diaper manufacturers, including Bum Genius make excellent cloths for bottom cleaning. Simple baby washcloths work equally well. But a dry washcloth probably won’t do the job of cleaning baby’s bottom very effectively. So you will need a way to moisten the cloth. My favorite products for this are the following sprays. Formulated with essential oils and baby safe ingredients, they smell wonderful and clean gently. These are a must have for any mom – cloth diapering on not. They also work as a great booster with disposible wipes when you have a sticky mess to clean.
Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion – available premixed or in a concentrated refill version that you mix up at home.

Bum Genius Bottom Cleaner Spray The name says it all! This one has a slight vanilla scent and works wonderfully.

Another solution for cloth diaper compatible wiping, is to use a wipes warmer with pre moistened washclothes. Check the Diaper Pin forums for recipes for making your own wipes solution to use in a wipes warmer.
Changing the diaper on a breast fed baby is very easy because the mess is mostly liquid. There is no need to presoak a diaper. But when baby begins to eat solids, the mess is a little… messier. What to do? Two products help make this mess a little easier to deal with.
Diaper liners are a flushable paperlike lining that keeps solids from adhering to the inside of your diaper. Similar, though not flushable, fleece liners let moisture pass through and trap solids on a non staining, nonstick layer that can be shaken out into the toilet.
For diapers that need a little more attention before going into the laundry, the Bum Genius Sprayer is a lifesaver. This device attaches right onto your toilet, allowing you to spray the solids off the diaper into the potty before you toss the diaper into the diaper pail. It’s a totally useful accessory for any parent to have. Perfect for rinsing the “little potty” when potty training, cleaning mess off the soles of shoes and many more fun parenting tasks. Trust me, you need this!

One the diapers are removed and solid waste is flushed, you have to put them someplace till you wash them. I wish I had specific diaper pail recommendation but the fact of the matter is that with cloth diapers you don’t need an expensive diaper pail. Nor do you need an air tight one. Any cheap trash can with a lid from Target or a similar store will do. Because you will be washing every day to every other day you will be amazed by how little the diapers smell. Particularly when you use a good diaper pail liner. These amazing waterproof liners are the key to containing mess and odor and go into the wash right along with the diapers. They make it possible for you to wash the diapers without even coming into contact with them. Which is a beautiful thing. We’re in love with our diaper pail liner from Fuzzi Buns. If you are starting out cloth diapering, you should purchase a couple of these!
When you are on the road you will need a similar laundry bag. For some reason, the miniature version is commonly referred to as a wet bag. It works just like a diaper pail liner but fits inside your diaper bag. Toss your dirtys into the wetbeg and then turn the whole thing out into the wash when you get home. Our favorite wet bags are the adorable ones from Wet Happened. These bags zip shut, ensuring that there are no leaks or accidents with the messy items on the way home.
One other topic is the source of great debate in cloth diapering. Snaps vs Velcro. Once again I don’t have an answer for you and this is something you will need to expiriment with to find your own comfort zone. Some people prefer the versatility of velcro. Others prefer the way snaps wash. I’ve had great success with both but will say that I prefer snaps persoanally as there is less prep work prior to washing. If you are using a diaper with velcro you will have to fold the tabs down into laundry position prior to washing (usually as you take the diaper off of the baby). Most velcro diapers have an extra square of female looping sewn beneath the tab, allowing them to be folded down/fastened prior to washing in order to prevent what is called a “laundry snake”. This is when everything in the wash gets stuck together.
Finally, I wanted to share a diaper system with you that does not really fit into any of the previously discussed categories, but worth including. The “hybrid” diaper by G-diapers. These diapers are similar to cloth systems as they involve a cover and insert. But in the case of G-diapers, the inserts can be flushed, minimizing both the amount of laundry you do and the impact on the environment. The catch is that the inserts must be torn in half and then stirred into the potty (with a special included stick) prior to flushing. It’s not for everyone, but its a very convenient option for many.
Stay tuned tomorrow when I give you the 411 on doing the wash!


  1. There are great custom wet bags at
    I own 3 and I just LOVE them.

  2. I have been diligently taking notes on your series! Thank you so much for writing all of this out and including your recommendations. I have two questions:
    1. How many diapers/inserts do you suggest buying? I’m thinking of getting some of the Blueberry Newborn fitteds and then getting the rest from Fuzzi Bunz.
    2. When you wash the diapers, do you always leave in the inserts?
    Thank you so much for all of your insight!

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