My son is accustomed to falling asleep while listening to ocean waves. He had a hard time going to sleep as an infant and the waves just seem to sooth him and put him to sleep.  When we travel, we always have to lug his wave machine along, which is a hassle. So when we received the Dozy Dolphin On The Go by Cloud b for our recent trip, we were thrilled!

The Dozy Dolphin On The Go helped recreate his sleep time routine by bringing his familiar sounds of ocean waves with us on our trip. It plays four water-based sounds with individual push buttons: Dolphins Playing, Whale Songs, Tranquil Melody, and Ocean Waves.  There is a volume control button and two sleep timer options: 23 and 45 minutes.  My son absolutely adores his Dozy Dolphin! He plays and cuddles with it when he falls asleep.  It is super soft thanks to the soft hypoallergenic bamboo fabric so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.  Bamboo fabric grows without the need for fertilizers or pesticides, is the most renewable resource on the planet and is 100% biodegradable.  It’s also antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and softer than cotton.  Attached to the Dozy Dolphin is a Velcro strap that allows for easy attachment to cribs, strollers and car seats!  Included with the Dozy Dolphin is a booklet that teaches children about endangered dolphins, a Dozy Dolphin Storybook and adoption certificate. Besides the Dozy Dolphin On The Go, Cloud B also has 2 other travel animals – Sleep Sheep On The Go and Gentle Giraffe On The Go!  

Cloud b’s mission is to thoughtfully design and develop useful products that help children sleep better, and simplify parents’ lives. I agree that their products have helped my children sleep better as we also have the Twilight Turtle and Ladybug to add to our collection.  My kids use them every night when their room is dark and it lights their rooms right up! They can’t be without them at night!

Check out their products and save 15% off most regular priced items on Cloud b’s site by entering code MWS-310 until March 23rd.

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