My toddler is going through a "scared of the dark phase" and has been begging for a nightlight. When Cloud B sent a couple of products to review recently, I underestimated the power of their Twilight Turtle (retails between $27 – 30) as just a mere nightlight. We were so wrong — instead our whole family fell in love with it.

Seeing stars projected on his ceilling was so awesome (it projects 8 actual constellations). It actually soothed my wild toddler and helped him unwind before falling asleep. For a child who would get over-agitated if a speck of light was in his room, he now loves the soft stars projected from the Twilight Turtle. It stayed on for a while (45 minutes) and went off by itself. You can easily switch it to the off position (check under by the batteries) if your little one falls alseep first. I appreciated the long running time, because in my own personal experience, even the most wide awake toddlers will not usually be able to stay up for 45 minutes after bedtime (I hope that doesn’t change!) This way I also didn’t have to keep running into his room to keep putting it on. It worked right out of the package (comes with three AAA batteries). There are 3 light settings – choose from blue, amber or green lights. You will only see the stars in a dark room (so taking it out during the day will not have the same effect as using it as night).

The company advises not to look directly into the illumination holes on the Turtle’s shell (it may cause minor eye discomfort). I really don’t let my son hold it, I put it on top of his dresser so he can get the full effect of the starry night show. And more often than not, we wind down together at the end of the day, talking about the stars we see!

As I write this review in late May, the weather in New York has been downright chilly, so I broke out one of the LullaBags that Cloud B also sent to put on the baby so she’s a little warmer.
The LullaBag is a sleepsack that unzips all around, instead of just down the front. It actually has a continuous dual-headed zipper that begins at the neck and curves along the entire side and bottom of the bag. The two-way zipper allows me to open the bag partially or completely in either direction, making use and late-night diaper changes very easy. I can also get it on her while she sleeps, without disturbing her (a big plus!)

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  1. Hi there – i saw you wrote about s sleepsack here – have your heard of Halo’s sleepsacks – we have tried about every one out there and like Halo the best – they have organic fabric too and the design makes them so easy to use – great quality –

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