You like lattes. He likes coffee. He wants an Americano. You just want a cup of joe. De’Longhi to the rescue! With their dual coffee-espresso maker (BCO264B), you both can have your morning beverage – and drink it too!. The De’Longhi BCO264B is a three-in-one machine that includes a drip coffee maker, a pump espresso maker and a frothing wand to make lattes and cappuccinos.

Let’s start with the coffee maker. The permanent, gold tone filter eliminates the need to have paper filters on hand, and Delonghi’s patented brewing system creates a rich, flavorful coffee. The 10-cup capacity ensures you won’t run out of joe to help you make it through the morning or will have enough to go around when company is over. A convenient “AccuFlavor Selector” knob on top lets you select the strength of your brew, and you can also select how long the pot stays warm.  Plus with the 24-hour, programmable timer, you can always wake up to a hot cup of coffee without your pre-coffee-self having to think before your caffeine. Love this. Waking up to the smell of coffee is like aromatherapy for my mornings.

Onto espresso… the De’Longhi BCO264B has a patented filter holder that lets you use either your own ground coffee or pre-package pods like those from Starbucks, Senseo, illy and others. Turn the knob to preheat for a few minutes and then let 15 bars of pump pressure create dark, rich espresso. If you’ve never owned an espresso machine before, it may take a few tries to pull your perfect shot of espresso. Check YouTube for tips on tamping, grinding and timing.

Finally, the frothing. I’ve had fun experimenting with lattes, cappuccinos and more with the frothing wand. I’m not thrilled about the placement of the frother. I’d prefer it on the outer edge of the machine so it’s easier to access, but it works, creating piles of frothy foam. My kids new favorite thing is to ask for a “bubbly hot chocolate.”

At just under 15″ tall, the De’Longhi BCO264B fits easily under most upper cabinets, and the black and silver color palette looks striking on any countertop. Is it a gift for him? For you? No need to decide. Just unwrap together and enjoy your fresh cup of coffee or cappuccino or latte or espresso…..

Purchase at De’Longhi for $199


Disclaimer: De’Longhi sent a sample of this product for review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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