Attempting to keep warm this past week with the crazy cold weather, it was all about layering. Looks like much of the country is going to get a warm snap this weekend but we all know it won’t last! Here’s a couple of ideas for some style as it cools off again.

And by the way, I do all of these collages on Polyvore. You can go crazy on Polyvore with some gorgeous clothes and items – I will never select anything too expensive or anything from out-of-the-country. Nothing frustrates me more than clicking on a cool collage on someone’s blog to only find out it’s $1000 and available only from! Everything here is within reason:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.04.22 PM

BKE thermal top

Knee high boots

Hive & Honey stud earrings

Topshop necklace

Splendid white shirt

Kerisma poncho

ALDO bracelet


  1. Such cute looks! I need to get better about layering. I LOVE that fur vest!

    • I know, I want a fur vest! And can you believe those boots are only $28? I am dying to order them…. nervous about them fitting my big running calves!

  2. Love these! It has been so cold I haven’t even thought about how I look. I’m all sweatpants and down coats right now.

  3. Love your choices and THANK you for not selecting crazy expensive items! šŸ˜‰ I can’t believe how inexpensive that first pair of boots is! Love the first outfit especially.

  4. Oh! I LOVE that fur vest! I have one similar and I wish I had more places to wear it! And those black 7 red leather boots! I DIE!

    Visiting from Jolynne’s!

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