Here’s a clever way to rationalize 2 of each toy in your home: you’re building an ark!
Noah’s Pals by Caboodle! Kids come, of course, in sets of 2. They’re collectible wooden toys crafted with fantastic detail. There are over 30 animal pairs available (each one male and one female) and they are categorized into 3 areas: unlimited, vulnerable pals (Limited to 20,000 editions) and endangered pals (limitied to just 10,000).
Of course, you’ll want to start your set with Noah, his Ark and some doves, then start collecting. But what’s unique about this collection is that collectors receive points when they register their collection and Noah’s Pals, and are rewarded with Caboodles (prizes) as your collection grows. Even more unique, a collector isn’t just rewarded with another toy they could have bought, but they’re rewarded with true rewards: items, like the Dodo, that are available only to collectors who have collected and registered enough. In-other-words, you have to earn it to receive it.
Noah’s Pals is doing it all right by me: They’re non-commercialized toys that allow for creative and pretend play. They have a fantastic collection program that actually rewards you. And there’s more: they donate 5% of their net profits to the Wildlife Conservation Society. The Pals are available at retailers like amazon, and at prices as low as $1.59 per pair, you can start your family with minimal purchases, or buy the whole set at once.
Note: With apologies, these are vinyl toys, not wooden.

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