Hi all, I’ve joined a team of some marvelous Moms as a Community Leader on the Blog Frog eBates Savvy Living Community. Long before blogging was even a twinkle in my little eye, I was on various message boards chatting about all sorts of things so I love getting back to my community message board roots with this gig!

This great community talks about everything savvy – savvy ways to travel, shop and live your everyday life. What I love about this board is that it just fits me and my Mommies with Style readers so well. I’m anything but frugal but I strive to be savvy and use a coupon whenever I can and the Savvy Living community is just the kind of place to share ideas to be this same way!

Come join me! It’s free and it’s a great place to make friends and share ideas on ways you are doing your own savvy living! As I post various topics and find interesting threads, I’ll be sharing here with my readers so you can always check in whenever you feel inspired. There will also be some live chats I’ll be participating in so stay tuned!

My latest thread is What are YOU Wearing for Easter? Come tell me!


  1. Congrats Whitney!!

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