No joke, my family fights over the Bosom Baby Pillow we have in our house. I got one when I was nursing my son and although we’re long past the days when I lay him on it as he peacefully nurses, it’s certainly getting as much (or more) use. It has to be the most comfortable pillow in our house. We have the Ivory Dots one, and each night my husband and I fight over who gets to lean on it in our bed. And that’s only if one of my boys hasn’t pulled it from our bed to take it for themselves.
In fact, we all love it so much that I got tired of battling it out with everyone, and I ended up recently ordering two more.
I’m obsessed with the slip covers. I seriously love rubbing with my hands, it’s so soft. The cover slips off for easy washing and of course it works perfectly to cradle baby as you are feeding him or her, or lay baby on later. Order one for baby and one for yourself. Or order while pregnant! It also makes a great maternity pillow. For whatever reason, it’s just the perfect shape for a number of uses.
If you go through this exclusive link for Mommies with Style readers to visit the Mom4Life site, you’ll receive 8% off your entire purchase. (Search for “Bosom Baby” and it will come up – if I give you the direct link, you won’t get the discount.)


  1. The Bosom Baby is my favorite nursing/feeding pillow too!!! We have the watermelon dots – love it!!

  2. I almost got watermelon! I just got chocolate and sage. I’m sure I’ll end up having to order a 4th eventually so maybe I’ll get that one for me 🙂

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