So we all know that style isn’t a priority those first few weeks post-partum, comfort is. Here’s one product that’s both cute and comfortable: Aimee Nursing Gowns. They’re designed by an RN and mother of three. These gowns are great as you don’t need a nursing bra with them – they have built-in support and provide quick access for easy nursing.
What’s nice too is that they aren’t your typical frumpy nightgown – the Aimee Gowns are soft and feminine, simple in design and pleasing to wear. You can also select from a collection of matching robes.
And their products don’t stop at gowns and robes: check out their soft silky blankets for newborns, Baby Aimee Gowns and additional nursing accessories.
Receive a free box of Lansinoh nursing pads (retail $10.99) with every purchase over $80, a free Silky blanket (retail $14.95) with purchases over $100 and a free full size Silky blanket (retail $24.95) when you purchase over $100.


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