I still remember when I got my first bra. I developed kind of late and it was 8th grade. I remember some mean girl in the locker room making fun of me when I finally did get a bra because it was a granny bra – big and unsupportive.

Today, there are so many cute and comfortable bras available for developing girls! I would have killed to have bras like these from Hanes. These Everyday Comfort Bralettes are adorable, functional and fashionable!

My favorite is the Seamless Molded Wire Free – how cute are the little designs?

The Cozy Pullover is simple and the Seamless Foam has a little bit of padding to give a little more shape. The Seamless Foam also has an option to buy this version with the strappy back design.

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  1. My favorite thing is seeing how excited the kids get!

  2. Lisa Brown says

    my favorite thing is the house becomes peaceful again 🙂

  3. My favorite is back to school shopping. It’s fun.

  4. More free time.

  5. Tammy Shelton says

    Quite time for mommies and grammies.

  6. I like the fall fashions.

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  7. My favorite thing about back to school is the return of college football.

  8. My favorite thing about back to school is shopping for school supply.

  9. Jessica To says

    I like that we get back into a normal routine that disappears during the summer.

  10. Nancy Loring says

    My favorite thing about back to school is having a quiet hose again.

  11. My favorite thing about back to school time is buying new school supplies and meeting my grandsons’ teachers for the first time!

  12. I like the feeling of a fresh start.

  13. I like returning to a schedule.

  14. Barbara Montag says

    When the kids went back to school I took a yoga class.
    I just loved it!
    thank you

  15. Ashley Emala says

    Favorite thing – shopping with my girls for back to school outfits

  16. My favorite thing is that I can get things done around the house, deep cleaning and renovations.

  17. I love to see all the children in their new clothes.

  18. My favorite thing about back to school is that if I clean up after breakfast it stays clean all day!! Sometimes I just like looking around and smiling when it’s calm.

  19. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says


  20. Mary Cloud says

    Spending quality time school shopping with my kids

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  22. Ellie Wright says


    • Ellie Wright says

      I don’t understand why addresses are posting. And comments are not. My comment was getting kids back on schedule is my favorite.

  23. My fave part of the new school year is my kids excitement at meeting new friends and teachers.

  24. My favorite part is having some quiet during the day to get stuff done!

  25. Lol… The kids going back to school is my favorite part of back to School. The shopping is fun too.

  26. kelly tupick says

    My favorite thing is seeing all the kids dressed up and going back to school on the first day and seeing how that all have grown over the summer. I love having a quiet house too.

  27. My favorite thing about back – to – school is getting back to a routine!

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  32. Lorene Desjardins says

    I go back to work also and I like the routine

  33. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I love that they get to see all there friends again.

  34. My favorite thing is the back to school shopping with my kids.

  35. My favorite thing about back to school is that the days are quieter.

  36. My favorite thing about back to school is the feeling of starting something new.

  37. My favorite is back to school shopping.

  38. Sarah Hayes says


  39. My favorite thing about back to school is the great shopping deals.

  40. I like back to school reunions with my kids and their teachers. It is so sweet that they miss them over the summer.

  41. Commenting for Julie Wood

  42. I love the fall season!

  43. I always think the new school year is wonderful for all its possiblities…new teachers, new friends, new subjects to learn.

  44. I really like the structure of having a set schedule during the school year.

  45. 111 Red Shale Rd.

  46. I like when my kids tell me about their day at school.

  47. jeremy mclaughlin says

    Getting back into a more scheduled routine.

  48. Livivua Chandler says

    I love the quiet house again for 7-8 hours

  49. My favorite is getting new clothes for school.

  50. My favorite part about going back to school is we are finally back in a routine!

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