It’s hard to believe my children are going to grow up so versed in technology. I still remember my parents first Mac, which we had to boot up with a floppy disc and could do all of about 3 things. I was even still hand-writing (*gasp*) letters to my friends when I was in college to keep in touch.
Today’s kids are certainly ahead of our generation. I’ve got my 3.5 year old doing things on the Internet that his grandparents can’t even do. Just the other day, he showed me how to get past a level in a Diego game that even he knew the answer to more quickly than I did. It’s a bit frightening but also I also think it’s pretty cool.
The latest product we’ve been testing out for the computer is this Easy PC system from ComfyLand. This is a great into computer for a toddler. It’s a “keyboard system” that plugs right into your USB cable. A couple of big colorful buttons, along with a fun little program that’s provided, help teach your child how to interact on a computer. It also teaches them how to use a mouse. The age range is for ages 1-5; they obviously have different programs for different aged kids (either ages 1-3 or 3-5 and there are various levels in each age range).
You can find it online on the ComfyLand site, at Barnes and Noble online, Target and more. Check out their list of retailers to find one near you.

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