So my 4-year-old is still in his Britax Marathon. I’m going to push to keep him in it as long as I can – a time which will probably be sooner than I think considering he’s always over 100% on the growth chart for both his weight and height. To date, he’s still within the safety limits for the Marathon but I do recognize that I’ll probably have to move him to a booster in another year or two.
The whole “booster” seat thing is still a foreign concept to me. But recently I was checking out boosters, specially the Compass Booster from Learning Curve. It’s hard to imagine that my child will sit in something like this some day soon.
That said, I was amazed at the simplicity of the booster. It couldn’t have been easier to install, it’s padded and comfortable and after testing it out in the driveway, we almost had an issue getting him to go back into his Marathon!
What I thought was really nice too about the booster was how wide and comfortable it seemed. Plus, it has two arm rests and a cup holder at the bottom of either side of the booster. (If only my driver’s side seat was so plush…)
The Compass Booster is designed for children 3 to 10 years old, 30 to 100 lbs, and up to 38″ to 57″ tall. For older children, this is a nice booster and definitely worth checking out. You can buy it directly on the Learning Curve website or search for local retailers.

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