Congratulations to Shanna in OH and Colleen in MA  for winning last week’s Marvel costume giveaway on Mommies with Style!

Now we’re onto part two of our giveaway – enter to win one of 5 copies of the new Marvel Super Hero Squad game for the Wii.  Comment to win – who is your favorite Marvel character?  Five winners will be selected and notified after November 3rd.


  1. Spider-Man is definitely my favorite and my son’s also.

  2. I would definitely say Spider-Man. My son is crazy about him and he seems like a relatively non-violent superhero in comparison to others. I would love, LOVe to win this! We are getting a Wii for Christmas and this would be fun to have!

  3. My son’s favorite is Iron Man! He’s even gotten my 2 year old daugher singing the theme song from the cartoon! My favorite… Captain America!

  4. Spidey!!! Who else!?

  5. The Hulk is my favorite!

  6. Obviously Spiderman!!! He is so cool!!!

  7. Definitely Spiderman! I even have a picture of myself with Spiderman as a child…! I will post it if I win….;)!!! This would be fabulous as dd has a bunch of games for the Wii, the boys don’t have any yet. We were going to get them their first ones for Christmas this year!

  8. Spiderman! My son is Spiderman this year for Halloween and his father had a Spiderman birthday one year as a kid. I love how he is still popular with both.

  9. spidey!!spidey for halloween at our house too!

  10. My boys love Spiderman…. This game is on their Christmas wish list!

  11. Spiderman, no doubt!:)

  12. definitely spiderman, the web slinging is too cool!

  13. My DS fav is wolervine! He is mine to… only the movie version!!! LOL!!!

  14. Iron Man all the way!!!

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