On our recent trip to Mexico we were in definite need of travel items that helped us keep us organized and keep our lives, sane. Some of the organizational products we used included:
DadGear Backpack: This is my husband’s favroite carry-on because its so lightweight and big. It fits much more than one an ordinary diaper bag, and all the pockets allow for so much organization. There’s very little searching when it comes to using DadGear Backpack, with all the pockets in so many places, as long as you remember where you put it, you’ll have no problem finding the deck of cards or chapstick or passports. This trip, the backpack saved us about $50 when our bags were 7 lbs over the 50 pound limit–we easily transferred the 7 pounds to the backpack as this bag kept on stretching.
Jimi Multi Media Case: Perfect to store extra SD cards and other media, its tiny enough to fit into your camera case but holds cards safe. Water resistant, carrying my cards in here made for one less item to worry about finding later. A little larger, the Jimi wallet, described as “the wallet for people who hate wallets” can also carry SD and SIM cards.
Cellkeeper: there wasn’t much need for a Cellkeeper in Mexico, where we didn’t have an international connection. But in busy areas like airports, use the cellkeeper to keep wallet items close, and your cell just as close. Even better for airplanes, it fits cash for snacks and can hold your ipod, small digital cameras and other communication devices.
Coupons for you:
DadGear: Use code MWStyle15 for 15% off at dadgear.com
JIMI: 15% off your purchase at thejimi.com with code mws
Cellkeeper: Use MWS09 for 20% off at Cellkeeper.com


  1. Has you seen the fabulous Samsonite Baby Travel range available in the UK & Europe?

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