Last weekend, I got together with blogger & friend Kelly from the Centsible Life. We were tasked to make a few recipes with our kids using mangos thanks to the National Mango Board.

We made the following three recipes:

We’re fans of mangos in our house.  Cole, my 8 year old, is a huge mango fan and eats it by the cupful already so he was happy to be a  part of cooking some recipes.

First we made these Frozen Yogurt Dipped Mango Pops.  They were super-easy to make.  Simply dip cubes of mango into honey yogurt and add what you want!  The kids had a blast adding a mix of mini chocolate chips, coconut and Nerds to these goodies. Freeze for an hour & then enjoy!  {Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Dipped Mango Pops }


Next were the Cinco de Mango Quesadillas {Recipe: Cinco de Mango Quesadillas } These were AWESOME.  Seriously.  I made them again the next day with leftovers, I could not believe how delicious they were.

There was something about the combo of the onion, mango and the pepper jack cheese (plus the chicken) that was just perfection.  I will definitely be making these again SOON.  I think they would also work with pork – or shrimp!


Last was the Mango & Banana Smoothie which we whipped up in my smoothie maker in less than a minute.  We used coconut milk in lieu of regular milk but you could go with anything there – almond milk, soy milk, etc.

Either way, it was refreshing and a favorite of the kids! {Recipe: Mango and Banana Smoothie } 



Some general info about mangos:

  • Mangos are a great snack.  They’re only 100 calories per cup and they provide 100% of your daily vitamin C, 35% of your daily vitamin A and 12% of your daily dietary fiber.
  • Mangos are year round, unlike other fruits, so you can always find the perfect mango.
  • Red does not necessarily mean a mango is ripe.  Squeeze the mango to see if it’s ripe – a ripe mango will be slightly soft like a peach or an avocado.  If buy a firm mango, leave it on the counter for a few days at room temp and it will ripen right up!

Visit for more info on mango varieties and some additional great recipes.

Disclaimer:  This has been a sponsored post from the Motherhood.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We love mangos! Looks like fun. I will have to try these recipes on my kids.

  2. I make Mango Chutney all the time. Now I must try your Quesadillas and that delicious sounding Smoothie!!!

  3. My girls are going to love those pops!

  4. I can’t decide which one I want to try first – Love the idea of the sweet/salty of the quesadilla, but they all look delicious. My kids, of course, would clamor for the pops 🙂

  5. These look YUM!! I think I’ve only tried mangoes once and my kids have never had them! Definitely need to give these recipes a try!

  6. We are NEW to the wonders of mangos–we LOVE them and these recipes are great for us to try! Thank you!

  7. Those mango quesadillas look BEYOND delicious. I HAVE to try them!!! Thx!

  8. We had so much fun cooking with you! It didn’t hurt that everything was so delicious!

  9. Amazing. I love mangoes.

  10. wow! looks delicious, i have the recipe ready. just tying them out

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