Its not too long ago that the idea of me in an apron would cause a snicker. But in my recent years of domestification, not to mention the influence of Marcia Cross’ Bree on Desparate Housewives, and an apron is suddenly desirable.
But an apron with style… up until recently that was still hard to find. So last night while cooking burgers on the grill, I surprised myself, the hus, and probably several neighbors by wearing a very stylin’ Jessie Steele apron. Fitted for a woman’s curves, the apron’s stylish fabric drew attention (I have the top selling Audrey Cupcakes Apron), as did the, believe it or not, fit (so says the hus, not the neighbor.) The lightweight fabric ties around the neck and the waist and the 2 pockets in front were perfect for carrying small items to bring out to the grill, as well as a few spare tiny toys that don’t need to be in the back yard. And how nice it was to wipe my hands not on my light-colored very spring capris, but on an apron!
Jessie Steele has several different styles available, with different fits and fabrics. Also available are half aprons–the skirted part only. And they now offer cooking accessories to match, like oven mitts and tea towels. Have a junior chef? Don’t worry, she or he can look just as cute in a matching, or similar, kids’ apron.
Really, I never thought I would need one, but with Passover this weekend, I’m so happy to have a chic new apron to protect my new outfit while I’m cooking and serving. A great gift for Mothers’ Day or a perfect hostess gift–even better for yourself. Here’s a Mothers’ Day special: use code FORMOM08 for free shipping on orders over $35.

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