Wow Imports sells some fun and different gifts, like this cake server adorned with colored glass beads and a wipe wrapped design. Most of their items handcrafted, African bead art like the cake server.
Check it out – their items make for some different and fun holiday gifts.
They’ve got free shipping on sales over $50, and in addition, use coupon code mws10 for 10% off your order.


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the review of our cake knife! I just checked our site stats today and saw a significant amount of traffic that has come from mommieswithstyle and hours later realized that we had sent you a cake knife for review and just found the review. I didn't know the review was posted. Thanks for the exposure! If I may, there is one typo- should say wire wrap design rather than wipe…
    BTW, we got in a totally new flatware and salad server design from Africa- be sure to check it out!

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