The following review is written by guest blogger Candice from the Mommies with Style Message Boards: (Thanks Candice!)
I am a self professed mommy jewelry maven. I currently own 3 pieces of different mommy jewelry. I am constantly trolling the internet for new and unique pieces. Now I would like to introduce to you the fourth piece in my collection. Made by the company Mackenzie Miller, and carried by Julie at Precious Personalities, this bracelet is a one-of-a-kind art piece. I purchased the design, Barefoot in the Grass. Deciding on the design can be a hassle only because all the designs are so beautiful. After several weeks of agonizing I bit the bullet. All I can say is that I am very glad I got that design.
The bracelet has a variety of glass beads, bali beads, crystals and even some turquoise thrown in for extra color. No two beads are the same. This is the extra color I need in my everyday life. I wish I could describe in detail some of the gorgeous beads used to make this bracelet. There are even some hand-blown glass beads. You can tell only the best beads were used to make this bracelet.
I love to find mommy jewelry that does not always look like mommy jewelry. The silver letters used for the names of my sons blend in so well no one would even know they were there. Jonah (my oldest) was absolutely enamored with the bracelet when I put it on. He kept talking about how colorful it was, and of course was proud to see his and his brother’s name prominently displayed on Mommy’s wrist.
I admit I can be a pain to work with however there was no problem with my changing the gorgeous design to fit my style. I had to have the bracelet 7.5” long instead of 7” (standard size). Instead of a lobster closure, I wanted a toggle clasp. Done! When I got it in the mail, it was not exactly how I envisioned, so I contacted Julie to see what I could do. After I stated my concerns it was no problem. I just had to send it back, and all was taken care of.
Julie really made the whole thing happen, and I could not thank her enough. As a kicker the bracelet comes wrapped so lovingly in tissue paper with a candy bonus. Overall the whole experience has been wonderful.
You can get one too from Precious Personalities with 15% off by using the code bracelet for the next two weeks. This one-of-a-kind beauty will be cherished always. Now my biggest issue is: if I have baby #3 how will they add another strand?

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