chocorocks.jpgYou know how tough the life of a preschooler can be – chillin’ with all the other under fives, getting worked up over the the sandbox politics and long commute home from playdates. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any tougher, your mom runs out of fishie crackers. Which is precisely why, when it’s time to unwind, this comfy thermal “Chocolate Milk on the Rocks” tee from Haute Boyz is guaranteed to restore everyone to good spirits and save the world from another meltdown moment.
I didn’t have to go far to discover Haute Boyz. The adorable line was started by a neighbor of mine and over the last couple of years I have watched it grow and have collected as many of the adorable tees as I could get my hands on. They have just the right amount of attitude while still being cute. From the “Chicks Dig Me” digger tee to the surfer inspired “Chairman of the Board” and the “If I’m quiet you better find me” tees, every single design is a winner. I’m so thrilled that the company now sells their tees online, so I can share them with you all!
If you are still in the market for a cute Halloween tee, check out the “All tricked out” designs. And for your little pirate loving tyke, the “Yo Ho Ho” tee is a sure win for Christmas. Haute Boyz sells tees to fit infants on up to size six.
Mommies With Style get free shipping when you enter the coupon code HAUTE2.

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