cornelius I’ve asked myself this question time and again… with the answer, clearly, no, not yet. So it was really fun to ask my 3-year-old this same question today. I asked it when I read to him the new book by Barney Saltzberg, Cornelius P. Mud, Are you Ready for Baby? Together we talked about Cornelius, the adorable little pig who in the first illustration is sitting with his pregnant mom, reading a baby name book. By the next page, Mom brings home a little piglet.

The illustrations are cute, vibrant, preschool friendly; the text, very simple. On each page Cornelius asks if baby can do different things, like eat and play. And on each page, Mom answers “no, not yet.” With the answer to the “what can baby do?” being the very funny line “He can sleep, drink, pee, poop and cry.”  Cornelius also shows some insecurity asking “Do you love him more than you love me?” and Mama reassuringly replies “I have enough love for both of you.”

The brief story opens up so many windows of opportunity for discussion and relating with a preschooler about to become a big brother, it was quick to become a new favorite. It only arrived in the mail Monday and he’s already “read” Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Baby? several times (as in his chosen book for the past 3 naps and 3 bedtimes): loving the story and the discussions each time.

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