I love my iPhone – and so do my kids. Though I usually only let them use it for special occasions and emergencies (like a surprise 20-minute wait at the doctor’s office), the iPhone has a ton of apps that provide kids – even toddlers – with educational and fun games. The Splish Splash Inn is one of the newest ones I’ve added to my phone.

New from Carolyn Merriman and her company Shortstack, the Splish Splash Inn teaches the under 4-set about number recognition 1-10, counting and sea life like manta rays, crabs and eels. Designer Divya Srinivasan has created a vibrant and colorful underwater world that entices kids to click, learn and explore. Kids open the rooms of the inn to discover what number and what sea creature lives within.

Clicking on the sea creatures reveals a variety of bells, chimes, drums and other sounds to play with, dragging the creatures around repositions them on the screen, and tilting the phone lets you make them swim from side to side. Plus with the option of three different language settings (English, Spanish and French), the app suddenly has my 2.5-year-old saying “dos tortugas” around the house.

Make learning numbers, sea life and languages fun with the Splish Splash Inn app. Available for the iPhone and iPad at iTunes for $1.99.


Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided for the review.

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