World Breastfeeding Week, Day 2:
A week of breastfeeding products just wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Hooter Hider/Bebe Au Lait nursing covers (same company, virtually same product, two names – I’ll refer to it with both in this review). As I’ve stated before (click here for my first review from 2006 when I was a very grateful Hooter Hider user), I couldn’t have gone as long as I did without my Hooter Hider. It provided me with the modesty I desired while doing something I personally consider private between a mother and child.
It’s a nursing cover. With an attached strap, a blanket loops around your neck – covering your chest and feeding baby. What’s nice about it is the top of the blanket, which is wired and is therefore pliable – so you can shape it to provide you with your own private view of baby. It’s so simple it’s beautiful.
I was reminded of how convenient it was recently at a college friend’s wedding. Another college friend was in attendance with her 5-month-old baby boy. Mid-reception, she plopped down at our table and nursed baby with her Bebe Au Lait cover. I’m telling you guys – no one but me (and the other Moms) had any clue what she was doing. And rather than being confined to a corner somewhere, she sat and continued to enjoy the party with all of us.
Of course any Mom has any right to breastfeed their child wherever they need to; but many of us are modest and aren’t comfortable doing it anywhere. I love that having a good nursing cover empowers many women to feed their children wherever the need may arise – out in the open and not in a corner somewhere.
Tons of storefronts carry the Bebe Au Lait/Hooter Hider, including the official site where you can find a wide array of patterns to choose from. Or check out the different patterns offered at the following stores who have coupons for Mommies with Style readers:
the Let’s Go Strolling site, use coupon code MWS10 for 10% off your order.
Mom4Life, go through the link for 8% off and do a search on “Hooter Hider”
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  1. OMG..this is so what my friend needs. We are both nursing and I normally have no problems keeping covered w/ a blanket..but my friend (who is nursing second child)..has the hardest time..we always end up cracking up at her. I would love to win this for her..but if not..I may just have to buy it just because for her.

  2. Kim, you should! Everyone’s comfort level is different… I’m sure your friend would love!

  3. Hey, that’s me she’s talking about! 🙂
    Someone gave me the nursing cover as a gift. I probably would have thought it wasn’t worth the money and so I wouldn’t have bought it for myself, but once I tried it, I loved it ! I use it everywhere I go, and have since bought it for a friend who had a baby shortly after I did. (I’ve also tried using a receiving blanket as a cover, but it just really doesn’t work as well. My baby squirms too much and he grabs either my shirt or whatever fabric is covering him and plays with it in his hands while he nurses.)

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