When I first received Wesley’s Chic & Clean Coverall, I hesitated. A full-coverage bib? Who would need that? And what mom has the time, not to mention child with the patience, to put one on? Recently, though, while I had my handsfull in a hands-on project with Carson, Wesley toddled to the fridge saying “yogurt…yogurt.” Being the neat-ish family that we are, while I’m sure he was capable, I’d neve given him yogurt and a spoon and said “go for it.” Images of messiness flew through my mind. And then I remember that full-body bib, the Chic&Clean Coverall by ChicTots.
Putting it on was, surprisingly, simple. Wes was already seated and strapped into his booster. This cleverly created item has snaps around the neck, has elastic wrists at the bottom of the sleeves and snaps around the calves… so that seated, his cute clothes were covered in the front. And open in the bum and back–which allows plenty of room for growth. For the first time, I didn’t worry that my one-year-old was in a too-cute-for-a mess t-shirt. Didn’t even bother me he was wearing Little Lubbaloo pants.
Celebs including Rena Sofer (24) and Kevin Weisman (Alias) scooped up the coveralls for their kids at this year’s Boom Boom Room. Wipeable and washable, celebs and consumers are enjoying the ease of covering–through simple snaps your toddler is covered and clean.
Great for self-feeding, playtime and art-work, Mommies with Style can use code MWS for 10% off and free shipping.

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