cozycarecape Planning to give a bath sometime soon? You’ll want to place an express shipping order for a CozyCare Cape. Clearly, the creators of this product sat and brainstormed everything annoying about bathing a little one and found a simple way to fix it.

Splashing is no longer a scream (for you, at least). First, its a terry cape that drapes over you while you’re bathing your little one, so it covers your arms and top, keeping you protected from soaking clothing. But, as we well know, terry is more of a dryer than a protector. So the makers of the CozyCare Cape lined the the cape with a waterproof panel: no more soaking through the towel while baby splashes or while you pick up your child.

Pick-up, Wrap-up and Dry. The CozyCare Cape has longer side panels, so that when the bath is over, you just pick up your child and wrap in the excess terry. There’s no more gripping the towel with your chin (or, ouch!, teeth) or struggling to wrap your child with a towel that keeps falling down. Its all connected to you.

Lessen your slippage insecurity. When baby is squirming and slippery, slippage is a major concern, especially for new parents. The CozyCare Cape allows you to hold your baby so that he or she is nearly attached to you.

I’m thinking this is a great gift–nearly a necessity for anyone bathing a non-walker. Use code STB2 for 35% off your purchase.

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