I thought I had every color crayon in the world. Then I found Crayola Colors Of The World. Now I REALLY do have all of the colors in the world. Crayola has come up with a box of crayons of all different shades of skin tones. Now kids can draw a true portrait of themself with the color that matches them! I love that Crayola is celebrating diversity! It was also great to talk to the kids about all the crayons and teach them that there are so many shades of skin tone. It was fun to see which one they picked to represent themselves. Samantha said in the summer she will be darker because she is tan! So we got a Summer Samantha Portrait!

You can also download Crayola Color Camera for free. This app allows kids to take a #trueselfie and print it out as a coloring sheet. The kids loved coloring pages of themselves! These crayons are a must for Back to School!

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