Looking for a gift for the creative kid in your life? Crayola has come up with a great new interactive gift box. Crayola Experience at Home – Holiday Passport Edition has three hours of exciting holiday crafts and souvenirs delivered right to your door. Crayola crayon characters take the kids on a journey around the world with videos guiding them along. Each stop is a different country where you learn about the country’s unique holiday traditions and make a craft that goes along with the theme.

Samantha and I had a great time crafting together. She must have said three times, “this is a lot of fun”! It was great to get her off the devices and spend some quality time together. The videos are broken down by activity, so you can go around the world completing all of the crafts at one time or you can choose to do them at different times. The box includes a sheet that shows you how long each craft takes and what materials are needed. Crayola gives you almost everything you need. The only additional items we needed were scissors and tape. One thing that Samantha loved was that you get a passport and after completing the craft you put a sticker on the country. She was excited to fill her passport up.

Here is one of the crafts we did together. The country was Colombia and the craft was a lantern. The directions from the video were easy to follow along and it took us about 20 minutes to complete. Samantha and I were saying that if her cousins had a box too, we could have done a zoom call and have done the craft together. This would be a great way for families to spend time together over the holidays if they can’t physically be together. Boxes can be purchased on the Crayola Experience website for $24.99. Happy Crafting! YOUTUBE LINK


  1. I am upset our school is doing a virtual field trip .Which in their explanation the called it an interactive virtual tour . Which prompted me to look it up and watch the preview . After watching it and looking at the preview made me think of Blues clues, it was nothing more than a video for kids up to 6 maybe but seemed more like it was for normal 4 to 5 year olds. The 10.00 price is not bad but the school board informed me that they would also have to pay a part . My daughter is 8 years old too old to sit and talk to the TV. Could you tell me what age y’all feel this is geared for because I don’t approve for 2nd grade.

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