I can’t believe it’s August and Summer is coming to an end! Before it’s back to school time we thought we should get a few more fun day trips in. We heard that the Crayola Experience had few new attractions so we thought we would check it out! I’m so glad we did because we had the BEST time!

The Crayola Experience is in Easton, PA, but they also have locations in Chandler, AZ, Mall of America, MN, Orlando, FL, and Plano, TX. This place makes you smile from the moment you walk up to the door. There are colorful murals, crayon characters, and bright colors everywhere! There is so much to do too! I would plan on spending 3-4 hours there to get through all of the activities, but you could spend much longer depending on how much you want to color and play.

The first activity that we did was make our own crayon! This was so cool! They had a station where you picked the color you wanted, then on the computer you got to pick your own name for your crayon. Then the machine printed out your label and delivered a crayon and you got to put the label on and have your own unique crayon! We all loved doing this and came up with some pretty silly names!

Another activity that we loved was You Design! Here we all became fashion designers! Here you can color, scan and digitally accessorize your fashion design to your unique style, then show it off in the spotlight! Your model then walks the runway on a huge projected screen!

We then went over to one of my favorite new activities, Scribble Scrubbies! These little creatures are soooooo cute! Everyone gets a free critter to play with and take home! The best part about these cute little guys is that you can color them over and over again. After you color them you can give them a “bath”, where all the color washes off, dry them at the drying station and start again! We just loved this!

There are so many fun activities like Silly Selfies, where you create a fun picture of yourself and it is them projected on a giant wall where all of your friends pictures are displayed as well. And there is a Modeling Clay area, where you can sculpt colorful creations using Crayola’s Model Magic compound – you can roll it, mold it and even blend and swirl your own colors by coloring them with Crayola markers. They even have there own “river” where we lead our boats through until it reached the end. This was my brothers favorite!

After this we were super hungry so we went to the Crayola Cafe for lunch. They had my favorite…Pizza! My mom got a salad and my brother had a uncrustable. They also had Mac and Cheese, pretzels, hot dogs and other snacks available.

Now back to playing time and our favorite activity…the Meltdown area. This floor was so cool! There were 3 stations. The first one we were able to make our own crayon design. We chose a color and picked either a ring or emoji and watched the crayon melt into a fun design. Next was drip art, think of spin art with melted crayons! Pick 2 colors and watch them spin into a colorful design. And the third station was Meltdown, where we colored with melted crayons. It was so much fun that my brother bought the meltdown pen at the Crayola Store so he could do this at home!

We had a great day at the Crayola Experience! My friends and I loved creating, designing and playing all day. I think my mom really had fun coloring too! If you would like to check out Crayola Experience, we have a special discount link for our readers! Purchase tickets from this link and SAVE one $6.50 a ticket! Crayola Experience Tickets

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To see our day at Crayola Experience head over to YouTube and check out my video!

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