Don’t you just love fall?  The weather gets a bit cooler and the nights a bit cozier.  It also means back-to-school and the invariable clothes shopping.  And while you’re going to do most of your kids’ shopping in stores (wrong size, wrong color, wrong everything Mom!), there are some things that can’t be found at department stores – and that includes these beautiful handmade ponchos from Creative Mind Boutique.

We received a beautiful Classic “Twirly Girl” Pretty in Pink fleece poncho made by boutique-owner, Becky Ingersoll, herself.  And might I say, it’s the perfect compliment to my daughter’s fall wardrobe, specifically on those days when it’s not *quite* cold enough for a coat, but just a bit too breezy for no coat.  It really is a wonderful layering piece, and it finishes off any little outfit perfectly.  Check it out:


OK, so maybe I’m a tad biased (since the lovely model is my own daughter), but I’m thinking this poncho makes the outfit.  And it’s soft, and sunggly and perfect for a day on the town.  It’s not, however, perfect for the playground and can be tricky in the carseat.  But if you can overcome these obstacles (wear it anywhere but the playground and take it off or configure it for the carseat), your girly girl will be as cute in it as mine is.

Becky sells other handmade things at Creative Mind as well.  Think tooth fairy pillows, adorable flower hats, wrist key holders for mom, and a few other items – visit her Etsy shop for even more cute stuff!  Prices are reasonable too – $30 for a poncho and just $4.95 for shipping in the US and $8.95 to ship to Canada.

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