Okay, so they aren’t really labeled cruisewear. But just look at these adorable shoes introduced last month… they look like cruisewear, they even remind me of slip-on shoes I’d wear for comfort, on a cruise, or a vacation, or for comfort in my own back yard.
So, these are different Robeez. The Weekend Collection, with their solid tops, look completely classic on baby and toddler’s feet. And, different from other Robeez and other soft-soled shoes I’ve seen, they have adorable, larger elastic strips that are meant to be seen, and add additional comfort in encasing the foot. These strips are bigger than the elastic that wraps around the ankle, these are for show as well as for fit. And did you check out the detail of the white leather stitched around the bottom? Don’t they look like your Keds from the ’80s?
The leather is just as buttery smooth as all the Robeez you’ve loved for years. And the bottoms just as durable. Robeez is offering free standard shipping on any one purchase of Robeez Weekend Collection product(s) from Tuesday, May 20, 2008 to Tuesday, May 27, 2008 (inclusive). Use promo code robeez4babies. This offer is exclusive to North American readers of Mommieswithstyle.com.

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