I love the look of EarthChild Clothing. Infact, upon being sent the images of the child-models, my first thought was “those look so comfortable, what kid wouldn’t want to live in them?”
As I read on, I learned that EarthChild is an African clothing company, with natural, organic clothing set in natural tones. Nothing bright or overwhileming, blinged or vibrant. Pure comfort clothes.
With just one American store-front in Westfield, NJ, and a Canadian store in Toronto, EarthChild is not yet available online and EarthChild has a ways to go before becoming main-stream. Purchasing this line is worth an extra drive, or at least a phone call. The boys have been living in their EC playwear for months. And they’ve held up beyond that big-box comfort store where we all drop several dimes. I’ve seen no shrinkage in well over a dozen washes. And the colors have stayed just as strong as they were when received.
The sets we received were distressed to begin with, kind of like that old favorite pair of jeans that are fraying, that look is new with EarthChild. We also have several of their layering long sleeve shirts–which, again, have held their size and shape and washed beautifully.
Sizing is generous, there’s no need to order up as you do with many online clothing purchases.
I’m hoping to see more EarthChild soon. Perhaps in a local store, if not online. But in the meantime, I’ll actually pick up my cell to place an order. I’m also enjoying their website–this company isn’t just about the Earth, its equally about the Child. See how they’re helping African Children.
And, if anyone lives near the stores in Westfield or Toronto, please tell us about them on our message boards. I’m dying to hear what the stores, which were entirely crafted in Africa and shipped over, are really like.


  1. Cecile Williams-Yoo says

    The Westfield store has been closed!! I live about 30 min. away, and I take my girls down twice a year. I went to get the phone #, and I've discovered they're closed:'( Their things are absolutely amazing, gorgeous, fabulous, and seriously like no other. I am sad today, and I'm trying to find other resources online from which to purchase. But for now, I will treasure the pieces I have and pass them to my younger daughter. Seriously: Amazing clothes!! I wish they made them in adult size. Perhaps they do. Hmmmmmmm. . .

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