zoocchinni Zoocchini plush pals are just too cute, and their presentation adds even more cuteness. I love gifting them, and the kids enjoy receiving and cuddling. Select a whimsical animal from one of their 3 collections: safari, barnyard and ocean. They come in a collectible bucket, our cow still lives in hers, but she’s also collected a bit of a personality (in our home, cute stuffed plushes have wants and needs. Sometimes the cow needs to sleep outside of her “home” (bucket) because she needs to be close to Mommy. Another night she may be hungry so we’ll find a cookie on top of her bucket.)

You’ll love gifting Zoocchini and your kids, and their friends, will love recieving. We found them at Zoocchini at Sugarplum Dreams for $22.95. Start your collection … and grab a few for gifting this holiday season.

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