Remember when everything in an office was gray file cabinets and puke-yellow colored manila envelopes?  We can look back at those as the Dark Ages of ugly offices and happily decorate and organize today’s office with pretty and functional office products like those from Martha Stewart’s Office Line at Staples!

People, this stuff is cuuuuuuuuute!  It seriously makes me want to be more organized!  Some of the items from her new line that are just great since they add style to function include:


Discbound Notebooks – the portable planner or organizer that you can personalize to your own needs.  Pick one of these Avery notebooks from the Martha Stewart line and then there are dozens of insert choices you can make based on what you need: calendar pages, Filler paper for notes, divider tabes and much more.  (I like and have been using the Task Pad. Which you can jot a quick grocery list or whatever on and then tear & go.)

The notebooks are $9.99-$23.99 depending on the size you choose and I didn’t see any accessory that was over $20 so you aren’t going to break the bank with this one.

.MSwallmanager Wall Manager – I love this one for the busy Mom’s kitchen.  So many possibilities for the disorganized chaos that is our daily lives! You completely customize this one by piecing it together on the Martha Stewart Home Office Wall Manager page at


 Totes – Take your office on the go when you have to travel for work!  These Martha Stewart Totes by Avery are $79.99 at


  1. I grabbed these last year when they first came out. I love the little notebooks that they have to keep jotting down ideas on the go. That bag would be perfect for any conference or work meeting.

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