I recently received an email from a PR rep. She wrote to me pitching me International Nose Picking Day and a product she is working with – Booger Balls. I responded and we joked around about it. She also has boys, so she knew this one would be up my alley.

Not the International Nose Picking Day thing – cuz, gross, do we are really have to have to have a day for that? But Booger Balls?

As much as I’d like to rise above this one and say they aren’t for us, they totally are. And I think all of you Moms with boys out there can nod and laugh and understand where I’m coming from. Potty humor reigns in our house some days so this was pretty much perfect for us.

The icing on the cake was that my crafty sister who loves doing stuff like this was visiting for the weekend with my 3 year old nephew. They had a BALL making and playing with these. What can I say about them? They really do look like slimy boogers, but they obviously aren’t.

Note – they are wet and messy. We made this on my kitchen table and then they threw them around in the backyard on a warm day.

Also? The dog was obsessed with them and wanted to try and eat them. Good thing they are non-toxic. Can’t say she would turn down a real booger either as she eats just about anything but still. If you have a dog that likes to eat anything, you may want to keep these away 😉 Ages 5+.




You can find Booger Balls on their website or at your local toy store (Toys R Us carries them).


  1. Lots of ‘ewwwwws’. . LOL, but the three boys look like they are having so much fun. This to me is what is great about the project!

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