dadgearcamo Over the years, my family has used several products from the fabulous DadGear.  Years ago, DadGear started out of the inspiration to make baby gear that’s Dad-friendly. We’ve all seen our hubbys and other Dads carry the frilly pink diaper bag and had a chuckle out of it.  DadGear makes guy-friendly diaper bag gear.

We’ve used the DadGear backpack and hubby still wears the DadGear vest (actually called the Diaper Vest!) on spring days, even though our youngest is 6 years old!

It had been a couple of years and I was happy to hear from DadGear again about their newest line of diaper bags – the Sport Bag ($74).  They are designed for smaller travel or smaller needs – these messanger style bags come with all sorts of organization and a QuickAccess Wipes case.

Love the designs too and this is definitely a Dad and Mom friendly bag as there are tons of Mom-friendly designs with this bag as well.  You can use coupon code DGMOM1 to receive 15% off the new Sport Bag or any other item on through end of May.

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