Il_430xn_25563711_2In the 80’s music defined my life. I was a Duranie. I slow danced to Journey. I swooned over Loverboy and rocked out to Billy Joel. While on Facebook the other day, looking at my friend Betsy’s profile, I came across a mention of a onesie so cool I had to find out who made it. It said "Hungry Like the Wolf". Instantly the song came crashing into my head as I reflected about how much Betsy and I used to love Duran Duran – we’ve been friends since we were 11 years old and used to listen to that band together. I immediately messaged Betsy, demanding to know what wonderful company created this onesie. It was from Daisyhead Designs, out of Brooklyn. Created by Joanna Resnikoff, the company also has an etsy site –

Joanna says, "You can put anything you like on a Daisyhead Tee. Choose any style tee or onesie with any design (either the Daisyhead logo, Serious Pupppy or Maybee & Jerebee (cute bumblebees, pictured on right) in any color with any phrase from our lines: "The 80’s", "The 90’s" and Wisdoms". Or even put your child’s name.

Besides the "Hungry like the wolf" onesie, I liked "Hold on loosely, but don’t let go", Il_430xn_25565116"Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird", "No sleep ’til Brooklyn", "Sweet Dreams are made of this", "Gimme all your lovin’, all your hugs and kisses  too","Isn’t she pretty in pink", "You’ve got the right stuff, baby", and many more phrases. Her designs are cute (love the puppy design) and I really liked that you could customize the color and add any words you want.

"It’s a visual gag." designer Johanna says, "People read the words and know they’ve heard them before but they’re momentarily confused by the image. Then they suddenly realize, "Oh yeah, it’s Journey!" and laugh out loud.  People often start singing to remember the words, it’s great.  Every generation loves the music they grew up with, it’s our life soundtrack." Joanna also mentioned that the the Top 3 sellers for babies are

1) No Sleep ’til Brooklyn! (in all sizes, toddlers too, it’s #1)
2) Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird.
3) Don’t just stand there, bust a move.

Choose either from a white 100% cotton tee or a natural color 100% organic cotton tee. You can get infant onesies ($25), organic onesies ($30), toddler tee shirts ($25), and womens and mens tees (both $30). Johanna uses American Apparel shirts, made in LA and imprints each one in Brooklyn. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Shipping is $5 for 1 item, $9 (for 2 – 8 items).

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