If you follow any of my game reviews, you know I’m a big fan of dancing Wii games.   Anything that gets me or my kids moving  is a big plus in my opinion.  I still regularly work out to Ubisoft’s Dance Party 2 when I can’t make it to the gym.  It’s a huge workout when you do it for an extended period of time!  My kids like to dance along with me (that, or sit on the sofa and make fun of my dancing movies which always gets everyone laughing.)

Ubisoft’s latest is a Smurf version of it’s Dance Party hit – aptly named, Smurf Dance Party. Players dance along with Papa Smurf and the other characters from the movie to songs from the movie as well as some recent familiar radio hits.

The dance moves are a little easier than the regular Dance Party but are definitely an all-play for the whole family.  (It is the Smurfs, so duh, this should be for kids, right?)

Look how much fun my kids had playing with it with friends the other day.  (Even the non-remote holders were dancing up a storm!)

Get the Smurfs Dance Party for the Wii on Amazon for $29.99 with free shipping.


  1. Oh wow my nephews are going to love this! They’re just a sucker for Smurfs (I don’t really know what’s with those blue shorties) but ever since they have seen the movie they’d like to have anything with Smurfs on it. Since I gave them a Wii console I might just go and grab a copy of this Smurf Wii dance game for them. Thanks for sharing!

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